Who is Drake Nikolai
and why the f*** should I care?

Truthfully, I don't need you to care about me. I am just a dude who likes create things that tell a story.

I don't want my about page to be an ego trip about how amazing I am or all the awards I have won like other people may do.
I just want to make something with you!

With that being said, I love to create using whatever tools I can get my hands on. My hands are most familiar with web development, graphic design, and shaking my fists in air screaming "why!??!!?" The skills I have picked up over the years from this include HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX design, ReactJS, JAVA, self-loathing, photography, videography, storytelling, self-doubt, and just about anything with the word Adobe loosely associated with it.

With these skills I have been able to help create branding and identity systems, websites and a few other fun things. I have done so both independently and working at creative agencies.

Sounds like the dream, eh? Nope, I am not at all satisfied in my nascent career as a creative. I have become bored as hell as I have not faced anything I find very challenging recently.

That's where you come in!

Do you have a creative problem you can't solve? (This is where you care about me now!)
I can possibly help solve that problem! If you like my work or think I'm just crazy enough to solve it, let's talk.

Don't hate me yet?